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Saturn in Taurus

Misguided values

Kelli Fox

Security is always an important part of life, but this year, a fear of having insufficient resources or a lack of funding will creep up on you. Your ability to handle money and finances will come under pressure, and you'll feel the strain of trying to do too much with too little. Your sensuality will be put to the test, and you must learn to be more grounded with your needs and desires.Money and security will be key issues for you to deal with, and if you are in denial about this, you could experience greed, cynicism or possessiveness.

If you can develop a healthy attitude about money, especially about the true meaning of value, you'll notice your attitude will become much more easy going and practical. Another issue you'll find yourself concerned with will be the environment. You're going to have a much closer connection to this planet than usual, and you'll discover a drive in you that makes you more eager to take care of the environment in which you live. Working toward something you care about or creating something of value will offer you solace from your fears and frustrations. If you feel like you can't think of something on your own to work on, then volunteer for an environmental group to see what you can do to help prepare this world for the next generation.

Saturn in Taurus in the Natal Chart

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