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Saturn in Scorpio

Sexual control

Kelli Fox

Control -- and who has it -- will play a powerful role in your life. This will be especially true with regards to your sexual relationships. Power plays will take on a life of their own, and you may display jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation and secretive or obsessive behavior.

A lust for power and sex, if left unchecked, could take over your thoughts, making it difficult for you to function effectively in the real world. You're going to have to face up to your dark side this year, if you're to have a positive and healthy experience.The first thing you'll need to do, as with most situations, is realize that a problem exists. Pay attention to your attitudes and reactions to those around you, especially with people with whom you're more likely to have a power dynamic, such as romantic or work partnerships. Denial will make the circumstances worse, so try to understand just what role you play in each relationship. As you begin to come to terms with your negative reactions and you learn to recognize what causes them, try to figure out why. When you discover the underlying, subconscious motivation for your power grabs and urges, you'll finally be able to remedy the situation and wield more personal power, which is the root of true control anyway.

Saturn in Scorpio in the Natal Chart

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