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Saturn in Sagittarius

Structured entertainment

Kelli Fox

You might start to feel like there are two people inside of you pulling you in two different directions. On one side, you'll have a desire for structure and responsibility in your life. On the other side, you'll hate all rules and want nothing but complete and total freedom.

Not surprisingly, this could make your life a bit more difficult, but it is possible to reconcile these differences. The key will be learning how to take the freethinking side of you and find some way to give it a structure with as minimal constraints as possible.One of the things you'll find is that you love learning, especially about new places and cultures. Ideally, you'd travel the world to do this, but you can give yourself some structure by going back to school to study something like anthropology. You'll also love expanding on your beliefs and faith by sharing them with others. Rather than doing this randomly, take your knowledge and become a teacher of some sort. If you love history, volunteer at a museum or as a tour guide. If you want to travel, take some classes to become a travel writer. Basically, your goal will be to take your fun side and find some way to turn that into a profession or structured activity.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Natal Chart

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