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Saturn in Libra

Hard decisions

Kelli Fox

Indecision is waking up, shaking itself off and getting ready to rear its ugly head. You might want to prepare yourself for a lot of unpleasant decisions in the coming months. That doesn't mean that you'll have to choose between a rock and a hard place, but choosing between something like two people with whom you're in love is never a fun choice to make either.

As you struggle to deal with whatever options are placed in front of you, you may begin to suffer from feelings of self-doubt.The first step toward fixing these issues will be to accept that they exist. If you're in denial about any of your fears -- and those include fears of compromising yourself or losing your balance in life, as well as indecision -- your world will only become more complex. On the other hand, if you can face your fears and come to terms with them, you'll have a much healthier approach to the decisions you have to make, which will help make your future choices much easier to deal with. Taking on a responsible perspective with your options will also allow a natural balance to come back to your life, almost without any extra effort from you.

Saturn in Libra in the Natal Chart

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