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Saturn in Leo

The smaller roles

Kelli Fox

Recognition for your great works feels so rewarding, and not getting the recognition you deserve can be such a downer. Unfortunately, you can't always be treated with the respect and celebration you think you deserve, and that will be especially true this year. You will likely be placed in many situations where your hard work will be much appreciated but you won't get the credit, and you're going to have to determine an appropriate way to deal with this without losing your temper or developing a fear that could block your next efforts.You may begin to expect to be treated like royalty everywhere you go, but that doesn't mean you can get into a clash with someone who doesn't treat you like a king.

There will be times when your role in life will be much smaller than you think is appropriate, but the responsible approach will be to accept it gracefully, do your best and realize that something else will come along later. Clamoring for attention and acting selfish or pompous will get you nowhere. Instead, turn your pride into an opportunity and lead by example. Display the warm, openhearted demeanor that's cooped up inside you and help others do the same. Your day in the sun will come soon enough.

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