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Saturn in Gemini

Fear of communication

Kelli Fox

Clear thoughts and communication will be major issues in your life these next 12 months. You may develop a fear of communicating, and everything from sharing your thoughts on paper to speaking in public could cause stress. You'll avoid situations that require you to think on your feet like you'd avoid the plague.

Something about being expected to think quickly, clearly and logically will leave you in a cold sweat. And it's not that won't be able to do these things, so much as your fears will overpower your abilities.You'll put up your own defense mechanisms in the form of sarcasm and cynicism, but those will really just be hiding your underlying apprehensions. You must develop your intellectual curiosity and keep your mind sharp through reading, study and communication on smaller levels. As you become more confident with your knowledge, you'll slowly start to pull yourself out of your shell and reach a higher comfort level with your interactions. When you've finally achieved a balanced state with your communication styles, you'll be able to listen as well as speak, you'll hear both side of an argument, and you'll be able to share your thoughts with ease and understanding.

Saturn in Gemini in the Natal Chart

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