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Saturn in Cancer

Fear of emotions

Kelli Fox

A sense of security is increasingly hard to come by in this world -- possibly even more challenging is a sense of emotional security. Until your next birthday, you will develop what could become a very strong fear of openly expressing your emotions or allowing your true feelings to show through. You will be presented with situations that require you to genuinely open up to others, and if you're not prepared, you could become insecure, anxious and clingy.

On the other hand, if you are ready, you'll be able to harness your fears and turn them into an opportunity for emotional growth and understanding.Issues with your family and a disproportionate need for intimacy and privacy could also present problems for you in the coming year. You may be expected to develop a greater level of independence and stand on your own two feet, free from your family ties and secure relationships. That could be quite the challenge initially, but as you grow more comfortable in this position, you'll realize that you have much more inner strength than you could ever have imagined. As you begin to know yourself more, you'll find that your relationships with others become much healthier and lack any negative sense of co-dependence.

Saturn in Cancer in the Natal Chart

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