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Saturn in Aquarius

Changing the status quo

Kelli Fox

The status quo may not be perfect or ideal, but it's comfortable. It represents a certain level of safety and stability. Unfortunately, nothing in life is ever really stable for long, and much as you may not want the task, you'll need to challenge the status quo this year in an effort to move your life forward.

You may be faced with situations in which you must accept new ideas because they'll help large numbers of people, or you may need to allow others to be different and establish their individuality. If you have issues with eccentricity or a fear of not fitting in, this could be a challenging time.Your first step to improving the situation will be to realize that you have these fears. Denial will only make the problem worse, and you could become rebellious and display unreliable, independent behavior, yourself. When you are able to come to terms with the influences in your world, you'll be able to act more responsibly and accept that no one is exactly the same and that we all are different to a certain extent. Work as a positive, understanding influence in your society and help bring your progressive knowledge to those around you.

Saturn in Aquarius in the Natal Chart

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