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Saturn conjunct North Node

Overcoming your fears

Kelli Fox

If you hear a knocking at the door, you might be afraid to answer it; what if it's someone you don't want to see? But then again, what if it's someone coming to tell you you've won a million dollars? The obvious lesson there is that you're not going to know the result until you take action.

However, as the year progresses, you'll find that you have a distinct fear of facing your future, and the life lesson for you these next 12 months will be to take action against your fears and turn them to your advantage.You have a destiny to fulfill, but you won't get anywhere if you're afraid of change. Granted there will be some tests and trials that you will have to get through, and this won't be an easy year by any means. You'll have to work hard and deal with things not working out the way you had hoped -- and that can be scary. But if you tackle your fear head-on, it could become an ally giving you the strength to go after and complete whatever tasks need to be done to move along on the path to your future. If you begin to feel confused, turn to older and wiser friends for assistance. They've been here before and they'll have advice to help you deal with the challenges you'll face.

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