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Pluto unaspected

Still Waters

Kelli Fox

Still waters run deep. And the more still you are, the deeper you are running. Reserved, mysterious, and irresistibly sexy, you move quietly through the crowd wafting pheromones and leaving shaky knees in your wake.

People who see you every day perceive the deepening that you're experiencing. They see the quiet strength, the insistence on privacy, the dignified vulnerability. There are those who could help you but you're not inclined to let them in, unless they prove their worthiness. You set up tests for them, and eventually, they might pass. Meanwhile, you deal with memory after memory that surfaces during the course of the year, bringing very old issues up to the surface. This does not happen without a reason. You have a rare opportunity to do an amazing amount of personal growth in the coming year. Getting onboard with an effective therapist can help you wring the most out of this process. You're ready to fearlessly go in where your relatives have not dared to tread, and they may not be entirely happy when you drag the skeletons out of the cellar. It's a necessary step for your process, though, so you push through the resistance and ask questions till you're convinced you've got the truth. Now you're free to handle difficult situations in a new way: one that reflects your deepest, and most authentic self.

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