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Pluto sextile North Node

An emotional map

Kelli Fox

Your destiny lies in wait in the deepest part of your soul. It will be up to you this year to dig deep inside your psyche to determine just which direction you should take. Think of your emotional urges as a map that can help guide you to your most highly evolved state.

Your gut instincts are powerful and accurate, if you take the time to hear what they're really telling you. Opportunities for advancement and fulfillment actually lie inside you. It's simply a matter of channeling them and bringing a certain level of perception into the realm of your subconscious. Understanding the darker secrets of your inner being and secret drive can help you transform yourself and your approach to life in a manner that will propel you toward your future. You'll also want to realize that change must be a major part of your life, and, though you can go it alone, it will be easier if you turn to others for help. Those who care about you probably know you pretty well too, and while only you can discover who you are at the deepest levels, they can offer guidance to help you onto the correct path to achieving your life's mission.

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