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Pluto retrograde

Let Go and Change

Kelli Fox

Sometimes life changing events can be just the smallest occurrences. They may not even register on your radar. For example, you were irritated your boss made you work with a partner, but you later fell in love and married the person.

Or, perhaps, without even realizing it, you got over an ex-lover, and that's when you were finally able to get back into dating. It's these kind of events that don't mean much when they're happening, but can have a dramatic effect later -- and that's what you can expect this year.Control and letting go of it will be a major theme for the year. Again you may not realize what's going on, but you'll likely to try to hold on tightly to the past, and you may resist anything that you didn't plan on. Unfortunately, this will only prevent you from moving on with your future. You'll need to learn to sit back and let the world move around you -- and possibly even let it take you along for the ride. Great things can happen when you loosen the reigns a bit and just let things happen as they will. And that's especially true when it comes to love and romance. Observe the trials and successes of both your life and of others, and see if you can't learn how to improve your own situation.

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