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Pluto opposite North Node

Cleaning out the past

Kelli Fox

You've got some unfinished business to attend to before you can move forward with your life, and if you take advantage of these next 12 months, you'll be surprised by how much you can accomplish. The past will be calling so loudly for you to clean up some of the messes you've made, that you'll have a hard time even noticing that your future would like some attention as well. For the time being, though, putting your future aside will be fine.

You need to address your issues from the past. Are there psychological blockages that you need to break through? An unrequited love or a failed career, perhaps? Or do you need to figure out how to move beyond a power-play that you initiated that may have hurt someone you cared about? Old scars can play a shockingly strong role in holding you back and preventing you from seeing your world clearly. Any issues you have with a misuse of power, jealousy or manipulation will be tested, and if you can't learn from your mistakes in the past, you'll continue to flounder helplessly in a cycle of bad habits and outmoded behavior. Treat this next year as an opportunity to escape from your past so you can start getting ahead with your future come the following year.

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