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Pluto in Leo

Transforming the ego

Kelli Fox

Oh, if Freud could only see you now. You're about to venture on a journey to completely transform your ego. You won't be as satisfied with your relationship with the outer world this year, and you'll make it your mission to develop yourself more as an individual.

In fact, you'll practically be overcome by a compulsive drive to be recognized for who you are, rather than who you are in relation to others. You aren't someone's girlfriend, husband or employee -- you're you!As you might guess, this won't be the easiest task you've ever faced. To accomplish this with any kind of success, you'll need to learn to follow your heart. You must listen to your deepest, gut instincts for guidance, and then you must have the faith to follow them completely. If you let yourself slip up and confuse your ego with your heart, you may cross the boundaries into being self-obsessed. You'll need to learn to differentiate between what you want and what you need, or you may resort to power games with others in an attempt to be the ultimate ruler, rather than your own individual soul. Detach yourself from the points of views of others, and learn to simply accept the different perspectives as they are. When you can do that, you'll reach a new level of individual empowerment.

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