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Pluto conjunct North Node

Personal transformation

Kelli Fox

A confrontation is coming; your emotional desires for power are about to clash with your life path. You will come to deeply understand your purpose in life. However, if you want to find a fulfilling life direction, you're going to accept these emotional impulses and use them to reach a higher level of understanding -- and that may require a complete and total transformation of who you thought you were.

In the past, you've probably repressed these deeper urges, but this year, they'll be coming on full force, and you will have no choice but to deal with them on their terms.It can be frightening when your own demons come to light with such aggression, and it will take much determination on your part to quell any surface fires that erupt. You'll likely come into contact with powerful people who seek to control or manipulate you, but in fact, this will help you learn how to face these same traits in yourself. You'll have to come to terms with jealous and possessive tendencies. How you deal with all of this will determine what happens next in your future. If you try to ignore what's happening, life will become more frustrating and difficult. But if you accept your need to transform, you will find new doors and opportunities await you at the end.

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