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North Node in Taurus


Kelli Fox

Possessions can be fun, especially the buying part. But there is a point where material needs become too important, and you need to learn to cut back and remember how to appreciate the smaller things. Freeing yourself of possessions will be your goal this year as you march along on the path to your destiny.

This will definitely be no easy feat since your 'things' are likely very valuable to you. And there's certainly no need to get rid of everything or head off into the mountains for a few months of meditation, but you will want to try to break from of your dependence on financial and material pleasures.Your direction in life is most likely to come into focus when you can simplify and reduce your dependence on anything material. It is then that you'll be able to see both the forest and the trees. At the moment, you are probably somewhat limited by your perceived need for a certain level of security, when, in reality, you have far more than anyone truly 'needs.' You must learn to create a natural sense of abundance through your emotions and your connections with the world. Realize that you can be comfortable with yourself as an independent entity, regardless of whether you've successfully 'kept up with the Jones's.'

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