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North Node in Scorpio

Plunging into the future

Kelli Fox

Your future is coming at you with incredible intensity, and you'll need to take that energy and apply it to your present life. There's no point in giving things a little try this year, but rather, you should plunge right in to the deep end of human experience, and engage your emotions as fully as possible. There is no halfway, only all-the-way.

As you move forward and develop yourself and your approach to life, you'll discover just how wonderful the mysteries of humanity are when you jump into them headfirst.But really, it will be coming to terms with your own deepest, darkest self that will provide the opportunity for your greatest transformation. Your sexuality and your ability to process change will be your deepest wells, and you'll want to go all the way down to the bottom to understand the true you. Only then will you be able to attempt the transformation, which is the goal for the year. You'll need to make a complete metamorphosis of the physical, emotional and spiritual forces within you. Coming to grips with the subjects that others find frightening, like life changes and death, will also help to take you a step ahead of everyone else.

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