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North Node in Pisces

The world of imagination

Kelli Fox

Normal physical reality is only one part of your world. The other part is made up of your imagination and your subconscious. As you progress from this birthday to your next, you'll find yourself moving into a more complete union with your imaginative side.

To continue on the path to your destiny, you'll need to break away from practical, tangible ways of living and learn to become comfortable with the mysterious, spiritual and mystical sides of life. However, enabling yourself to turn your dreams into reality will be crucial to keeping yourself grounded in the physical world.You'll need to develop a higher level of understanding about the unconscious aspects of your mind and emotions. Realize that your daydreams are just as symbolic as your sleeping dreams. It will be important for you to learn how to take your flights of fancy and use them as jumping off points for a stronger belief system. You will also need to understand the difference between transcendence and escapism -- the first takes you to a higher level of being, while the second merely takes you away from reality. Live by your emotions and your intuition, and let them act as indicators to what your next move should be.

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