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North Node in Libra

Relationships for the future

Kelli Fox

The path to your future will be determined by your relationships. The more worthwhile your partnerships, the greater your personal development will be. As you practice relating to others, you will find that you're actually growing into the person you're meant to be.

Those that you form a bond with will help pull you into a social world allowing you to develop an awareness of other's needs as well as your own. Any self-centered inclinations you've fostered in the past will need to be pushed aside as you find a new, more inclusive viewpoint of your connection to society.Decision-making will also represent a point of learning for you. Too many options could leave you feeling weighed down and confused, and you'll be challenged to make more appropriate choices as the coming year progresses. At the same time, because you'll be so good at seeing all sides of an issue, your diplomatic skills will be heightened, giving you the opportunity to bring balance to many aspects of your life. Developing your aesthetic and creative talents will help you see the world through new eyes, and art can provide a bridge between yourself and the world around you.

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