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North Node in Leo

Follow your heart

Kelli Fox

There are times to let your mind function as your primary source of guidance, and there are times when you need to follow your heart. The entire 12 months from this birthday to your next will be filled with you following your heart. You will learn to be open and honest with yourself in an effort to move away from being selfishly egotistical to being genuinely warm and caring in your relations with others.

You will set an example for those around you and help them move into the same caring mindset.The ability to lead and inspire will be put to the test from time to time, and if you're not truly living from your heart, you won't be as successful. You'll need to familiarize yourself with the true nature of your individuality in the face of the collective thoughts that will help take you along the right path. Your direction may not be popular, and it may even be disliked by others, but that's the way you must go, regardless, if you're to move forward with your future. Love everyone through it all, and in the end, they will love you in return. Your childlike enthusiasm and freshness will add a spontaneity to life that anyone around can't help but adore.

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