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North Node in Gemini

Mental clarity

Kelli Fox

Your future can be found in all forms of communication, which means the options are pretty much endless. Whether you want to further your career through networking or develop your writing skills and create the next great novel, as long as you use words, your success is almost guaranteed. It will be up to you to bring information and understanding to the public and to find interesting ways to illuminate the human experience through words.

Be curious about life, and then share your knowledge with anyone and everyone.Maintaining mental clarity will be especially important in the coming months, and you might want to try to write everything down so you can come back to it later if necessary. A journal will offer great assistance there. By mastering your language skills as fully as possible, you will enable others access to the wealth of information that resides within you. Your greatest responsibility will be to connect with as many people as possible in an effort to share what you know and how you learn. The more understanding there is in this world, the greater everyone's ability to make clear, well-formed decisions. You will help bring the world closer to that state.

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