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North Node in Capricorn

The foundation of life

Kelli Fox

A structured life is one that can progress forward at a pleasant and constant rate. In order to achieve this, you'll need to learn to ground yourself and build a reliable foundation, which you can use as your base. That could involve adding more to your savings account, working to establish a healthy, balanced relationship with your family or making yourself even more valuable at work.

You may have displayed a certain level of dependence on others in the past, but this year you will work to become much more self-sufficient.To do this, you will need to set goals for yourself and become a stickler about following through with them. You must be disciplined and hardworking, and you'll want to prepare for both short-term and long-term plans. Take your time establishing your goals and then working towards them; none of this needs to be rushed. Instead, a slow and steady pace will help guarantee that you achieve your ambitions without accidentally throwing a stick in the wheel. As you reach a level of greater responsibility, you'll find that not only will you achieve your goals, but your position in society will improve as well.

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