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North Node in Cancer

A happy home

Kelli Fox

Home and security are always top priorities, but this year they'll reach a new level of importance in your life. Creating a sense of family will help make you more comfortable, as well as bring emotional healing to the people in your life. The key to your future will be about learning to let your nurturing energy empower those you care about.

You will need to turn to your own intuition in order to be fully open to the feelings of others, which means you will need to learn to understand just how deep your own feelings go.The incredible power of your feelings will help bring you positive and genuine interactions with others. And the more you understand the rhythms and nature of your moods and emotions, the stronger your relationships with your loved ones will be. Discovering how you respond to different situations can also help you become more comfortable with the shifting tides of your environment. This will then allow you to establish the safest most personal spaces, even in the midst of chaos. Basically, this all means that the key to creating a secure and comfortable home environment will be understanding your emotions and helping your loved ones come to term with theirs.

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  1. heather gee on February 10, 2019 at 3:47 am

    Of the utmost importance, thanks

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