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North Node in Aquarius

Advancing the future

Kelli Fox

Traditionalism has its place in society, but for the next 12 months, it will have nothing to do with you. Your future depends on your ability to see past what's been done and into the world of things to come. You'll be innovative and original in all aspects of your life, from what you do for a living to how you get ready in the morning.

One of the biggest challenges you'll face will be in how you deal with the rest of society as you work to break down more traditional modes of thought. Many people may be resistant to your efforts.Just don't worry about society for a time. Instead, get involved in special interest groups and meet up with other like-minded individuals. If you don't want to get too radical in your efforts to participate in radical causes, then find those that are trying to help people. Assisting the community will force you to bring some of your most brilliant concepts and innovations into the forefront, which will help to push some of your rebelliousness off to the side. All aspects of technology and the global community will be points of fascination for you, and with the right focus, you can help push those elements of life even farther forward.

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