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Neptune unaspected

What Dreams May Come

Kelli Fox

You put down your keys somewhere and now you can't find them. You forgot an important appointment. Your concentration has plummeted to all-time lows.

Don't worry: you're perfectly normal! At least for someone trying to get by under this mysterious astrological influence. There are times that the universe wants you to look out beyond the boundaries of this physical world. It reminds you that we are all hurtling through space at breakneck speeds, in an ever creative, constantly expanding environment where each individual particle contains an image of the whole. On some fundamental level, we are all One. Which is great, but it doesn't mean you can borrow your roommate's best shoes without asking, or filch a bit of fruit at the veggie market. Your challenge this year will be to keep your boundaries firm between people and still embrace the mystical. Night time could help you in this regard. Your dream life has become one long cinematic adventure, and you've never had more fun interpreting your dreams. They will give you important clues about solving problems in your daily life. You're ultra-sensitive, too, both physically and intuitively. Drink pure water, and make it a point to surround yourself with positive, supportive people who have well developed spiritual natures. You will thrive here.

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