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Neptune trine Pluto

Metaphysical solutions

Kelli Fox

Basic science cannot offer solace to a mind that seeks answers even beyond our universe. You'll be drawn to metaphysical teaching in an effort to acquire a more complete knowledge of what we are. You may even develop an interest in or appreciation for studies of the occult.

Why can't there be ghosts? If the universe is so big, isn't it a bit egotistical for us to think we're the only living beings? Questions like these will plague your waking hours and may even spill into your dreams. You just want to understand what's going on, and your mind will work on it nonstop. Don't be surprised if you wake up some mornings feeling like your dreams couldn't possibly have been weirder.If you really want to expand your mind, join a class. Any topic will do, though the more spiritual or supernatural it is, the more fascinated you'll be by it. Even your romantic fantasies will be a bit dark, and their intensity may startle you. Can you really merge so fully with the object of your desire? With your mind in such an odd state, don't be surprised when you begin to attract odd people into your social circle. That's just how things will go this year.

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