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Neptune trine North Node

An enlightening initiative

Kelli Fox

Imaginative currents will flow through you like water through a broken dam. It's through your most highly charged currents that you'll find your destiny waiting for you this year. Listen to your dreams and allow them to manifest themselves in reality.

This isn't the time to wait for things to just work out as you want them to, you must take the initiative if you're to meet up with your future.Your future is about more than simply what you do for a living; it's about trying to reach enlightenment. You'll answer to a higher authority this year, and that includes everything from your own mind to a greater spiritual calling. That's a big project, so you may find yourself tempted to let things slide and just hang out watching TV. Don't let that happen. A simple outlet for your spiritual side will be your healing abilities and instincts. If you're not already in a health-related industry, volunteer at a local Red Cross type organization or some other charity that allows you to work with and help people in need. Helping others reach a new point in their lives will help you reach a higher level in yours.

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