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Neptune square Pluto

A new inner you

Kelli Fox

Inside, you're a vast cauldron, bubbling and boiling with inner turmoil, energy, confusion and change. On the outside, you're the same old you. In fact, it may be a while before you even realize there's something going on inside, let alone understand it.

What you'll notice first will be a slight questioning of your values. 'Why did I vote for that guy when he clearly doesn't represent my beliefs?' But maybe he did once. 'Why do I keep working so hard when it's not getting me anywhere?' Perhaps your work ethic is evolving. Many thoughts will creep into your mind making you slowly begin to wonder just what is going on.As you grapple with your inner beliefs, you'll start to feel a lost sense of control. Everyone else seems to know exactly what's going on, and you'll flounder because you're not sure where you stand. Someone will pull the rug out from underneath you, but let the power-grab pass. You need to figure out exactly what's going on inside of you before you can be of much use to the rest of the world. Just be sure you don't let anyone talk you into making a decision before you feel comfortable. A lot's going on under the surface and it's very likely that you won't fully understand the ramifications of your actions for a little while, so it's better to just hold off.

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