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Neptune sextile North Node

From spiritual to earthly

Kelli Fox

Dreams are a beautiful way to imagine ideas for your future. However, if you want them to come into being, you're going to have to communicate your thoughts and dreams with those around you. It will be easy for you to fall into an illusionary world these next 12 months, but if you share your ideas with others, they can help you focus enough on reality to help your ideals manifest themselves in the physical world.Intuitively, though, you'll find you're able to develop a healthy flow of energy from your spiritual world into the conscious world.

It will simply be a matter of allowing the energy to move forward. You've been held back by illusions and mistakes from your past, so this year, you should make it your goal to rid yourself of these shackles. Turn to your spiritual beliefs for assistance. A higher calling is at work in your life and if you can turn your mind in that direction, you'll reach a higher level in your spiritual life. Just remember that you can only achieve spiritual growth if you still maintain a connection to the earthly realm, as well. Again, if you feel yourself getting a little lost, turn to those who care about you, and let them help you find your way back to the path to your future.

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