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Neptune retrograde

Trust Your Gut

Kelli Fox

Isn't it amazing how a little word like 'decision' can make or break a person? A 'good decision' can lead to great success, while a 'bad decision' can lead down the path of destruction. Your decisions, this year, may be a tad more likely to fall under the category of 'bad.' Idealism will rule your world, and you'll be more inclined to make your choices based on what you wish were true rather than what your intuition tells you to be right.

There's your goal for the year: Learn to trust your intuition over your perceptions.There will be quite a few instances where you'll discover that what you perceive to be great, glamorous, spiritual, worthy and so on, will actually be much closer to the opposite. You'll have these beautiful thoughts in your head of how the world works and how great certain people are, but these thoughts may not tie too closely to reality. Reevaluate your faith in those you idolize -- it's very possible that the people you think are so perfect have some serious flaws. Instead, focus on the dreamier aspects of life like poetry and art. That's where you'll find your intuition and decision-making skills will reach their peaks.

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