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Neptune opposite Pluto

Slow recovery

Kelli Fox

Times they are a'changing. But in most instances you'll feel like things are being taken away from you rather than being built up, and you'll need to develop a lot of patience as you wait for the rebuilding process. For this year, though, you'll need to understand that there's a major, transformative reason that everything's changing -- it just may be a while before you understand what that reason is.

If you're hurt by something that's taken away from you, the recovery time will be slow, but it will also happen. Cliche as this might seem, time really does heal all wounds, if you give it a chance. You may also discover that many of the illusions you've clung to so tightly really are nothing more than illusions. That too will come as something of a blow. But again, every issue you face will come to a resolution, even if it takes a long time to get there. You may be tempted to turn toward addictive habits like smoking or drinking to help you relax, but ultimately, they will have the opposite effect making your life even harder. You'll have to toughen up during these times, and show some sort of discipline and dedication. All this disillusion will eventually turn into great revelations.

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