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Neptune opposite North Node

A comfortable past

Kelli Fox

Like a well-worn pair of jeans, you will dwell in the past in absolute comfort. There are no decisions you have to make here, no choices about which directions you should take. Even better, this is where your dreams and imagination will reside -- you will even have an intuitive association with the collective past as well as your own.

As you move along with this year, though, you are going to have to come out and deal with the present and the future from time to time.Will you be prepared to live life in the present, or even prepare for the future? Probably not. And your best bet may be to just accept that as a fact. Sometimes it's best to let the universe take care of your problems. Some things (like finances) you'll need to work out on your own, but frequently problems do manage to take care of themselves if you just give them time. Ironically, though you don't want to deal with anything, just letting things go will cause anxiety. Learn to relax and accept that things almost always somehow manage to work out all right in the end. Remember, though, that this is not an ideal solution. If you can, try to pull yourself out of the old patterns in which you've got yourself stuck. The demons of your past will stay with you until you learn how to move into the present.

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