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Neptune in Virgo

Compassion and selflessness

Kelli Fox

Nearly every fiber of your being will be devoted toward helping others this year. You'll feel a growing sense of compassion and selflessness that will practically require you to get out and help those less fortunate than you. Giving yourself to others will also help you to heal your own mental and spiritual wounds, whatever they may be.

You will need to feel you've been of service both mentally and physically if you're to attain a higher spiritual level, so be sure that you do some sort of volunteer work from cooking for a sick neighbor to donating blood to joining the Peace Corp.In fact, there will be a very strong connection between your mind and body, and you'll want to nurture that to keep your energy flowing smoothly. Yoga and meditation can help tremendously. It will be with your own health that you will face the most illusions. Beware of diets or foods that promise enlightenment. Both your mind and body must be actively engaged for true enlightenment, and that's unlikely to come from a meal. Remember that your spiritual connection will be maintained through a clear communication between your mind and your body.

Neptune in Virgo in the Natal Chart

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