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Neptune in Taurus

Communing with nature

Kelli Fox

There's something to be said for people who are not only able to, but desire giving up their material lives to commune with nature. You may not need to give up everything this year, but you should consider developing a closer connection with the world around you. A spiritual awakening awaits you, and it is one that is oriented towards the earth.

You will be on a path to a higher level of being, and it will naturally encourage you to learn to be more compassionate of the world around you.One of the reasons you'd be wise to focus escaping the material world is because you'll have such a misguided sense of what's truly valuable. Your participation in the work force will be marred by a deluded sense of what you truly need. You'll be easily fooled by the illusions of what's necessary for day-to-day living and you could forget the value of the simple things in life. Is it really more important to make enough money for heated, leather seats and a moon-roof than it is to spend time with your family? Don't fight the pull of security and luxury, but instead, accept that the physical and materialistic sides of life are only a part of the whole. You must learn to move beyond if you're to be truly happy with this life.

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