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Neptune in Libra

You complete me

Kelli Fox

The path to enlightenment can be found through relationships. Or at least that will be the road you'll want to take as you travel from this birthday to your next. Your inner soul is not quite complete and you'll need the balancing energies of a partner to help bring true understanding and compassion to your world.

You've had good connections with others in the past, but this year, you'll crave something deeper. If you can't relate to someone all the way down to your soul, if you don't feel like the relationship between you is turning your soul from a part to a whole, then it won't be enough.That's something of a tall order, and in your efforts to find that, you could face illusion. You'll want so desperately to feel complete, that you may allow others to fool you into believing you do -- and you may walk away from more than one relationship feeling completely disillusioned. The perfect alignment of your being is not something that will not be induced by idealism, but rather, by truth. Mental clarity and an impartial approach to the connections you form with others will help you alleviate the possibility of being misled. Participate in activities that stimulate you to think clearly such as yoga, meditation, walking, driving or even standing in the shower and just thinking.

Neptune in Libra in the Natal Chart

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