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Neptune in Leo

Love's enlightenment

Kelli Fox

Enlightenment can only really be achieved through love. If that sounds a bit clich, it's because it's true over and over. Compassionate love and generosity will set you free this year, and help you move to a higher level of being.

This will be no easy task by any means, though. It will require you to achieve a most selfless and, at the same time, selfish approach to the world. That means you will have give selflessly of yourself, but you'll also have learn to view the world (yourself included) as one living, breathing organism -- so everything you do to benefit others will benefit you in return.Expressing your imagination through creative acts, specifically those relating to theater and drama, can help you become more aware of life and your reaction to it. As you write down or act out some idea or character, you'll get to know another side to your being and another side to the overall world. Beware of letting the desires of your ego mingle too long with the desires of your heart though. For example, you may think you're drawn to the glamorous side of life, but what you'd really prefer is a deeper, emotional interaction with as many people as possible. When you can distinguish between the two, you'll be on your way to enlightenment.

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