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Neptune in Gemini

The power of words

Kelli Fox

The spoken word -- and the written word, for that matter -- holds a special power over you. Communication can reveal the deepest secrets of your world and of others, and you understand just how special and enlightening language can be. Your spiritual state will be determined by the thoughts flowing through your mind and the conversations you participate in.

You'll reach a new level of being, and it will be through your use of words that your understanding will come about.Your challenge this year will be overcoming the duality that splits you apart. Within your basic nature will be two sides, or so you'll believe, and you'll be susceptible to the illusion of separateness, both within yourself and in the outer world. Instead you must learn to see the unity of all things; look for connections. Everything can be tied together in some way, and this will be an excellent area for you to let the power of words help you come to understand what these connections are. Once you feel you have a decent grasp of how we are all united, you should work to explain this to others. As you teach, you'll find your own understanding grows much deeper.

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