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Neptune in Capricorn

The shape of enlightenment

Kelli Fox

Enlightenment can come in all forms and shapes, and you intend to find every one of them on your path to true understanding in the coming months. You will work to dissolve and reconstruct the frameworks of perspective, particularly in the social arena, as a means to achieving a spiritual emancipation. That is, form and structure must exist, but you will repurpose them so that your spirit can move through freely rather than get slowed down.

For example, most people turn to elders for advice, but you might find the insight of a child to be more innocent and honest.Don't expect this all to happen in a year though. Freeing your soul can take a lifetime, this will simply be an excellent time for more active engagement in the process. You will begin to see that materialistic paradigms are no longer fulfilling enough as you come to understand the relevance of a higher order. The illusion of a better life through success and social respectability will shatter slowly as you realize that the most important aspects of life have nothing to do with how much money you have. Denial will come to you, but in this case it will be a denial of the social structures that hold you back.

Neptune in Capricorn in the Natal Chart

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