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Neptune in Cancer

Caring unconditionally

Kelli Fox

The spiritual side of you is calling out to be carried on to the next stage of enlightenment. This year, that will involve pure and unconditional nurturing and caring. You will need to express compassion in its most highly evolved and truest form.

A strong emotional connection will bind you to all things, as you will have an empathy and devotion to all living creatures that will be unmatched by any other. You will experience this unity through your feelings, and then you'll be able to share it with others in the softer and more empathetic way that you'll deal with everyone in your life.Though there is some chance that you will suffer from illusions, they are unlikely. It's more probable that you'll have to deal with people taking advantage of your selfless, caring nature. But that's just a risk you take with unconditional love. Your imagination will be quite deep, and if you start to feel frustrated by any of the world's ills, then take a break and take a trip into your mind. Your memory is also quite strong, and you'll be able to visit positive experiences of the past if you find yourself in need of motivation.

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