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Neptune in Aries

Crusade of understanding

Kelli Fox

If you find yourself on a crusade to bring your understanding to the people, remember that not everyone wants or needs to know about your beliefs. In fact, what's more likely to be going on will be that you get your own search for enlightenment confused with your desire to help others. The end result will be something of your own little holy war, in which you try desperately to bring your beliefs to the masses.

Realize that if you get to that state, you have put yourself on a path moving in the wrong direction.True enlightenment will come from within, and it has nothing to do with anyone else. They must come to terms with their beliefs on their own. If you must help others, offer yourself as a guide to help them find and follow their true path. However, keeping your faith out of their actions could be difficult and you may find that you're really better off just focusing on your own journey. You'll have plenty of enthusiasm and drive to take you along down the road to a higher spiritual level of being, and once you apply yourself, there will be no going halfway -- you have what it takes to reach the spiritual realms you seek.

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