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Neptune conjunct North Node

Your highest level of being

Kelli Fox

Your imagination is a key component of who you are. It takes what you've learned from the past and present and turns that into the possibilities -- no matter how crazy or extreme -- for the future. However, at the same time, it can be easy to get caught up in the past, and forget to plan ahead as you should.

This year, you'll want to develop your highly tuned intuition and use this to help you escape the illusions of your past and move forward with your destiny. This is no simple task, as you could have difficulties distinguishing between where you've been in the past and where you should be heading now. Your past has a strong hold over you, but you must use it to learn from your mistakes and move on to reach a brighter future. A spiritual path will be your most fulfilling for these next 12 months. Consider this time as an opportunity to reach your highest level of being, whether you follow a more organized religion or have your own personal beliefs. Sure, you may come across as a dreamer to some, but if you put your talents and imagination to good use, you could become a visionary, seeing a way to an ideal future.

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