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Mercury unaspected

A Mind of Its Own

Kelli Fox

All of a sudden your brain feels too big for your head. Somehow, your mind has suddenly become like a spaceship, shifting into overdrive, zooming off to faraway unknown territory, leaving the rest of you in the dust. Not only is it traveling at mental warp speed, it's going places you never imagined, all the while computing and processing vast amounts of data.

Your mind connects things together like never before. It feels like your brain has hooked into some high voltage power source. You can't go to sleep at night because your mind is still racing. Odd as it sounds, your mind has a mind of its own!All this mental activity is exciting - exhilarating, even. It's amazing when your brain makes daily quantum leaps. But frankly, it can get a little exhausting. You do need to sleep, after all. How to calm your frazzled nerves and overactive gray matter? You know the drill. Breathe deeply and calmly. Stretch. Get thee outside for a walk in the park. Have a good meal and a glass of wine.

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