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Mercury trine Uranus

Putting your imprint on the future

Kelli Fox

There are times when it's easier to stick with the familiar than to meander into the unknown. In fact, for the short term, going with what you know is almost always easier. However, taking a step out of your comfort zone and following that road less traveled could lead you to, well, greatness.

And this is your year to shine. Your mind will be in top form and your thought process couldn't be more unique -- ideal conditions for achieving a higher level of success!The future is calling out to you, giving you the opportunity to put your imprint on it. You'll have the mental skills to know just what's needed in tomorrow's world -- you just need to tap into them. As mentioned above, familiarity is easy, and you could be tempted to let laziness overcome all else. If you start to feel this, take some time away and let your body quietly rest as your mind soars off into whatever dream world it desires. It is in these moments that you'll have your most creative ideas, and they'll motivate you to keep going. Your talents will be especially strong in the technological and scientific fields, and that's where your energy will be most effective. You may even want to consider investing in one of those areas, as you'll almost instinctively know which companies will be most likely to succeed.

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