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Mercury trine Saturn

Success is in the details

Kelli Fox

Organized, efficient, detail-oriented. One might almost begin to think that your goal for the year is to satisfy as many qualifications on a job posting as possible. Well, there are certainly worse goals out there than trying to do well at work, and with the way things are lining up for you above, it looks like this could be a banner year for your career.Your communication skills are well developed and you'll be able to process just about any piece of information that crosses your path.

Supervisors and coworkers alike will be thrilled with your focused attention on all the little things that really make a project come together; no detail will be too small for your keen eyes. Use this time to prove just how effective you truly are, and don't be surprised if your industrious attitude helps you move up that ladder.Romantically, this could be a good year as well. Your attention to detail will make anyone feel special, and whether you direct this toward a current lover or someone new, you can bet they'll be eager to pursue the relationship further. In fact, if you're not already married, this is an ideal time to consider a more serious relationship than one you've had in the past.

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