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Mercury trine North Node

Moving along your life path

Kelli Fox

This year, you will discover that you are completely in touch with the direction you need to take to fulfill your destiny -- possibly too in touch. You'll be so comfortable with the direction your life is taking that you may be tempted to believe you're already there. You're not!

And without a lot of work on your part, you won't achieve complete fulfillment.Fortunately, your life path is within reach. More than anything, you need to realize it's there and go for it. Don't let yourself be tempted toward inaction by the belief that you're already where you need to be. There's very little in life that will just come to you without any effort on your part, and this is no different. If you find yourself getting confused about what your next move should be, talk to people who have known you in the past. They understand you best and will already have a feel for what you've done, and what you should try for next. Networking can also help you along your path -- being receptive to new people and new perspectives can give you ideas and inspiration for your future. You know where you need to go, you just need to motivate yourself to get there.

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