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Mercury trine Neptune

Create your perfect world

Kelli Fox

Whenever you close your eyes this year, you'll suddenly be surrounded by a whole new world; it's one of your own creation and one where everything is perfect. The best part though, is that when you open your eyes, that perfect world will still be there. You've got the intuition to find only the best aspects of life, as well as the best people.

Words will become your best friends. You'll know what, how and when to say exactly what someone else needs to hear. When you turn this talent toward a creative field such as poetry, literature or music, you'll find your skills exceed anything you could have imagined possible. You'll also notice that artistic images seem to flow through your mind, one after another: keep a sketchbook and pencil handy for any visions that seem especially perfect for paper. When it comes to love, these same talents couldn't be more ideal. It all boils down to you having an almost psychic sense of the world around you, and a lover will be pleased to have you instinctively know what they need. So if you're in a relationship, you'll be able to take it to the next level by knowing exactly what your partner wants. Or, if you're single and looking, you'll have no trouble finding just the right words to make a romantic interest fall for you instantly.

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