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Mercury trine Mars

Tackling the biggest challenges

Kelli Fox

There's a fine line between brutal aggression and true power. Fortunately, you'll know exactly where that line is, and you won't have too many difficulties asserting yourself with a powerful authority that doesn't require you to resort to loud and abrasive tactics. As such, this year could easily prove successful in the arenas of career and romance.Energy levels will be high for the next 12 months, and you'll enjoy tackling the most challenging problems and tasks.

It's almost like you're seeking out the stickiest situations just to see how quickly you can get out of them. And have no fear -- you'll get out of them quickly. In fact, things may start to come so easily to you, that you begin to get lazy. Watch out for that! This has the potential to be one of your most successful years, and you don't want that spoiled just because you got so good you quit trying. Your successes now will pave the way toward a bright future.Use your high-powered mind and creative brilliance to impress the special someone of your dreams. The confidence that's practically oozing out of you will have quite the effect on anyone you're with now or any potential suitor who happens to walk by. Appreciate this gift, and you could spark a long-lasting love.

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