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Mercury trine Jupiter

It's not luck, it's talent

Kelli Fox

Sometimes you get lucky and you can see both the forest and the trees. Other times you get even luckier and you have entire years with this kind of clarity. This is one of those years, and if you use it to your advantage, you can create a strong future for yourself.You'll have a keen eye for noticing everything around you, making your ability to see both the big picture and the smaller details more a factor of talent than luck.

Where others see you as having things just going your way, you'll actually be achieving greatness because you were able to put into action some thoughtful, well-laid plans. Note that you are the one who has to put these plans into action. You may discover a certain tendency toward laziness if you're not careful, and that could be the downfall to all these great ideas of yours.However, if you are diligent and hardworking, this could be your chance to take off with your career. You're about to turn into a problem-solving machine, and it'll be hard for people (especially your higher-ups) not to notice your incredible talents for finding positive solutions to even the most challenging conundrums.

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