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Mercury square Uranus

A wild and crazy mind

Kelli Fox

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the speed of life; and sometimes it's hard for the speed of life to keep up with you. For the next year, you're going to be bouncing back and forth between trying to catch up with your own mind and waiting impatiently for everyone else to catch up. It could be a frustrating year with lots of changes in plans, and you'll need to remember to be as open and flexible as possible.This will be a wild year as the rebel deep within your mind will crave action.

That little demon will push you toward the outer limits of respectability and you'll challenge society's norms with your crazy notions. However, you'll have a hard time letting any of your thoughts focus onto anything beyond mere speculation, and accomplishing something concrete may require abilities that will be beyond your capacity. You'll have a lot of nervous energy keeping you up at night, and this will continue until you can learn to separate your intuition from your logical mind. Although logic will seem crucial to you, you won't really get anywhere until you can accept that sometimes you need to listen to your instincts -- even when they counter every rational thought in your body.

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