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Mercury square Saturn

Mind over matter

Kelli Fox

The power of the mind is one of the most impressive powers in existence, and mind over matter will be a theme for you this year. It will be far too easy for you to slip into a negative frame of mind and suddenly discover that everything around you is bad. Your challenge will be to foster only positive thoughts to create a more pleasant world in which you can live.Pessimism, combined with the inability to stick with anything through to the end, could easily be your most dangerous foe.

If you don't believe something can happen, then it probably can't. Even worse, these unpleasant thoughts could manifest themselves as your biggest fears coming to life. And yet, really, it's all in your mind. You must work to rid yourself of these negative perceptions, or they could start to affect your relationships as well. Your communications could suffer if you're not careful because you'll likely come across as cold, cross, and unfeeling.Try not to let these events get you down. There are aspects to this year that will certainly be difficult, but you must remember that this is only one year of your life. While things may seem hard for a time, you're learning valuable lessons, which could offer you solace later on.

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  1. meera on September 24, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Thank you once again for your advice I will try my best to follow your advice dear kelli

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